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Our smaller meeting space. A long double-desk work space against the wall with four leather chairs and coffee table for meetings.

The Metro Room

Corporate Conference Room

Everything you need for the most successful meeting, training, mediation, etc.

Coworking Space

A fantastic work environment where all you need is your laptop, tablet and/or smart phone and we supply the rest. Come in, choose a desk, log in to our fast, secure WiFi and prepare to be productive. We supply the coffee for coworkers (locally roasted Kokanee Coffee) and all the creamers you could want. Like tea? No problem, we have that too. Whether it's a day pass or monthly membership, you will love the community and the productivity you experience at The Office Sandpoint.  Contact us for a free "coworking test drive" day (not applicable to meeting rooms). Visit our "Nerdlandia Mini Museum of Ancient Technology" and share lideas with the programmers who hang out in "Nerdlandia"

Places to work, places to relax, places to eat, places to connect, a desk if you prefer to stand and work and even a place to shower!  And all the freshly ground Kokanee Coffee Company coffee our coworkers can drink (along with your favorite sweetner and creamers. Tea lover? We've got you covered too!

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