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The What & Why of a Coworking Facility

The Office Sandpoint is a branch of Business Medics LLC, a small business consulting firm. The Office Sandpoint was born out of our desire to offer positive, cost effective solutions to entrepreneurs,small businesses and remote workers. The Office Sandpoint provides a professional work and meeting space for those looking for secure Wi-Fi, comfortable desk and meeting space with concierge service. We work hard to connect our members and create community with all the members.

Watch the entertaining video about coworking on our home page.


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Workspace options used to be limited, rent an office, work from home, find a coffee shop that will let you hang out for an extended period of time, libraries or other public areas. The Office Sandpoint has joined other entrepreneurial companies offering the best working solution…co-working and meeting room rental.

Coworking offers freelancers, entrepreneurs and other workers a break from feeling isolated or who have felt like nomads, wandering from one public place to the other to find a spot to get some work done. A coworking space is a spot you can call your own without the high price or responsibility of an office rental. If you are a confirmed coffee shop or library squatter you might be thinking the cost for a coworking space is unnecessary but coworking at The Office Sandpoint offers so much more than public areas.

The feeling of isolation is gone; you work in a space with other like-minded people. Instead of leaving your computer and other devices open to hackers, you work in an environment with secured Wi-Fi. The atmosphere is comfortable and professional. Want a change from the standard office chair? Use one of our exercise balls while you work and get a workout at the same time. Need to stretch your legs? Relax in a comfy beanbag chair and use one of our lap desks. Bring your lunch, our kitchenette is fully equipped. Walk to one of Sandpoint's great lunch spots because we are centrally located. Never worry about parking and the coffee, tea and jellybeans are always free. Want to ride your bike to work? It's no problem; you can shower here before you start your workday.


The Office Sandpoint is a closed membership environment, which means you work uninterrupted and are more productive. And if you're getting more work done, you have a little more time to chat with some of the interesting people who work here and expand your business knowledge. Meet clients in a private meeting room (our members always receive a discount on meeting room space). Meeting rooms are available to non-members as well. Come in and see what we're all about and you'll see that working at The Office Sandpoint makes work a pleasant experience again!​

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